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Barn Histories creates custom and permanent reports specifically tailored for each client, whether you own a late 18th-century German style bank barn in the heartland of Pennsylvania's Amish country, a mid-eighteenth century barn in the Hudson River Valley or a 19th-century English barn in New England. We combine 30 years of field experience with specific on-site inspections to create accurate, enlightening permanent reports that include:

  • General Descriptions of Barn Types
  • Architectural Description and Architectural Style Analysis, Including Construction Date
  • Alterations of Barns since Construction Time
  • Wood Identification


Lancashire Style Ground Barn, Chester County PA
Lancashire Style Ground Barn, Dated 1753 in
Chester County, PA

In addition, Barn Histories creates:

  • National and State Register Nominations
  • Restoration and Rehabilitation Consultation
  • Photographic Documentation
  • Historical Narratives
  • Historic Site Plans
  • Historic Structure Reports
  • Architectural Documentation
  • Building Condition Reports and Construction Analysis

Barn Types

A principal part of the investigative work of Barn Histories is to clearly identify what type of barn is being examined. Recognized barn types include English, New England, Dutch-American, Dutch-Anglo, Dutch-German, Pennsylvania Forebay, English Lake District and German Ground barns, among others. All barns have distinctive traits and were constructed with a wide range of materials. To characterize these barns and assign definite cultural ties can be challenging. These tasks are always welcomed by Barn Histories.


Hecklar Stone and Frame Ground Barn, Grundscheier, Montgomery County PA
Hecklar Stone and Frame Ground Barn or Grundscheier Dated 1761 in Montgomery County, PA

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