About Barn Histories

We are dedicated to the preservation and documentation of barns and other historic outbuildings. We create a wide range of written documents of each site that include barn condition reports, barn style and class analyses, historical narratives, physical descriptions, architectural documentation, historic site plans, establishment of construction dates and State and National Register nominations.

Biography of Greg Huber

Greg Huber, owner of Past Perspectives, is generally regarded as the nation’s leading authority on eighteenth and nineteenth century barns of the northeast. He has been documenting historic barns from Tennessee to Maine since 1974. A specialist in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York barns, Greg draws from an encyclopedic knowledge of architectural styles, traits, and trends of three centuries of various cultural building traditions.


English Lake District Style Barn, Oley Valley PA
English Lake District Style Barn, Circa 1790 in
Oley Valley, PA

Since 1972, Huber has been a student of North American vernacular architecture. For more than 30 years he has inspected and researched more than 3,500 barns, hay barracks and diverse types of outbuildings as well as 1,500 other structures such as houses, mills, iron foundries and other historic buildings, amassing a huge 20,000 page library of field notes and documentation.

Greg Huber’s enthusiasm and absorbing interest is manifest in all phases of his research and reporting. A fascination of putting together all the many pieces of past events at each historic barn site is evident in all the many historic accounts that he produces. Painstaking efforts are taken to make these narratives as coherent and cohesive as possible as it is fully realized that records generated by Barn Histories are permanent ones that will be handed down from generation to generation. Each report that Barn Histories creates resonates with the soul and essence of each homestead and reflects Greg Huber’s steadfast commitment to historic barn research for more than 30 years. He is a well-respected and recognized scholar. In 1997 he was awarded the New Netherland Project’s Alice P. Kenney Award for his outstanding contributions for furthering public appreciation of Dutch-American culture. In 2003, as editor of the second edition of the New World Dutch Barn book, he received the Allen G. Noble book award for the best edited book on material culture in North America. He is an accomplished author of over 60 articles and several books, including:


Kalmbach PA Forebay Barn, Lehigh County PA
Kalmbach PA Forebay Barn in
Macungie, Lehigh County, PA

Early Stone Houses of Bucks County and The Greater Brandywine Valley – coauthor – Rizzoli Publications, New York (to be published in spring 2005)

The New World Dutch Barn – The Evolution, Forms and Structure of a Disappearing Icon – Syracuse University Press – Editor of Second Edition - 2001

“Behind the Threshing Doors – An Inside Look at Some of the Earliest Barns in Pennsylvania” – Material Culture, Pioneer America Society – Fall 2004

“Making Progress Every Day – The 1720s Pieter Winne House” – de Halve Maen, Holland Society, New York – Spring 2004

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